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Who We Are

The Tea Association of Malawi Limited (TAML) was established in 1934 to represent the entire Tea Industry on matters of trade and policy and then later on registered on 10th January, 1936. It is governed by a Board of Directors and maintains close links with Tea & Coffee Merchants Association of Malawi (TCMA), a sister organization on the trading side to buy and sell teas on the Local Auction and on behalf of their overseas principals.

It coordinates well the interests of the Tea Industry with all sectors of Malawi’s economy including but not limited to the government, and tea buyers (Local and External) and then presents a united voice.

The Association has tremendously improved its communication with the Government of Malawi and it has maintained linkages with national and international associations. It has always taken great interest in the need for research and since 1959 research has been funded by the Industry’s own sources through a system of Cess (Levy) established by Tea  Cess (Imposition of Cess) Act.

Due to varying conditions of growing tea in Malawi, the process is heavily dependent on information generated through Scientific Research and through TAML has made commendable achievements in a number of areas, while a number of challenges still exist.

The Tea Association of Malawi meets regularly and delegates specialized work to appointed committees.

Members of the Tea & Coffee Merchants Association are from time to time also invited by the Tea Association to be represented at joint meetings or committee meetings whenever a common interest occurs. The Chairman and four members of the Board of Trustees of the Tea Research Foundation are nominees of the Tea Association of Malawi, to reflect the importance placed on research on tea by the Association and its members. Most of the Cess collected, therefore, is ploughed into research at the Tea Research Foundation and only about 30 % sustains in the Administration of the Association.


  1. To promote and protect home and foreign trade, commerce and manufacture and in particular in connection with the Tea Industry carried on in Malawi by advertisement, propaganda or in any other way likely to benefit such Tea Industry.

  2. To promote and protect in all parts of the world the interests of the Tea Planting Industry carried on in Malawi.

  3. To promote or oppose legislative or other measures affecting such trade, commerce or manufacture and particularly to collect a cess to be levied on all tea produced in Malawi by members of the Association, the cess to be calculated on production figures to be rendered monthly to the Association by all members, provided such cess shall be used exclusively for the benefit of the Tea Industry in Malawi in such manner as the Association shall determine.

  4. To collect and circulate statistics and other information relation to such trade, commerce and manufacture and then provide easy access to information in the Tea Industry.

  5. To promote the consideration and discussion of all questions affecting the Tea Industry and generally to watch over and protect all persons engaged in the Tea Industry.

  6. To act as arbitrator in the settlement of disputes arising out of commercial or other transactions among its members.



Tonda Chinangwa TAML CEO.jpg
Tonda Chinangwa     Chief Executive Officer
Flemmings Solomon Mwenibaba 1.jpg
Flemmings Mwenibabu
Industrial Relations Secretary
Hardley Blair Kayira
Gender Equality Coordinator
Yona Mhango.jpg
Yona Mhango
Accounts Assistant
Patrick Gama 1.jpg
Patrick Gama
Office Assistant
Meza Mpaso 1.jpg
Meza Mpaso
Sunday Kadama.jpg
Sunday Kadama
Grace Utonga
Personal Assistant
Stuart Kanyenda 1.jpg
Stuart Kanyenda
Admin Clerk
Peter Wadi 1.jpg
Peter Wadi
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