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The Tea Association of Malawi (TAML) Chief Executive Officer Tonda Chinangwa, and Industrial Relations Secretary Mr. Flemings Mwenibabu, recently hosted a delegation from the European Union (EU) at Naming'omba Tea Estate in Thyolo, Malawi.

The EU delegation led by the EU Commission Director - Policy and Strategy: Inge Bernaerts, was taken on a field tour of the tea estate, a factory tour, and finally, tea tasting experience.

Malawi is known for its high-quality tea, and the Thyolo district, is one prime tea-growing region in the country. The delegation had the opportunity to witness firsthand the entire process of tea cultivation, processing, and packaging.

The field tour was the first stop for the EU delegation. The delegation was taken around the tea estate, where they got to see the tea bushes up close and learned about the various stages of tea cultivation. Naming'omba Tea Estate representatives: Managing Director Amos Suluma (who is also a TAML Board Director), and Deputy General Manager Sanjay Bohra, explained how the tea bushes are pruned, plucked, and processed to produce the best quality tea.

EU Delegation, being led on a field tour by Naming’omba Tea Estate Management

After the field tour, the delegation was taken to the Estate factory. The delegation was shown the different machines used in tea processing and packaging, and the factory manager explained the various processes and procedures involved in producing tea.

The tea tasting experience was the final experience for the EU delegation. During this portion of the tour, they had an opportunity to taste various types of tea produced at Naming'omba Tea Estate. The tea tasting was led by a tea master who explained the different tea types, their taste profiles, and how to brew them.

Explaining the tea tasting experience to EU delegates

The EU delegation were impressed with the entire experience and expressed their gratitude to TAML and Naming'omba Tea Estate for the opportunity. Furthermore, they praised the high-quality tea produced at the estate and in Malawi. They also expressed the importance of promoting Malawi tea to more global Markets as a way of building the visibility of Malawi tea.

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