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ILO Statement on International Tea Day – 21 May 2020 in Malawi

“Tea production and processing constitutes a main source of livelihoods for many families in Malawi. As a labour-intensive sector, the tea sector is a key contributor to employment, especially in Malawi’s southern region. As such, well-governed and sustainable tea supply chains that are characterised by decent working conditions and responsible employment practices can play a significant role in rural development and poverty reduction.

The International Labour Organization (ILO), through our ACCEL Africa project, is supporting government, industry and workers in Malawi’s tea sector to improve working conditions and promote decent work. Together with our social partners in the sector, including the Tea Association of Malawi (TAML) and Plantation and Allied Workers Union (PAWU), we are supporting Malawi to improve and enforce policy, legal and institutional frameworks and to institutionalise innovative and evidence-based solutions that advance decent work and ensure compliance with national and international labour standards”, said Mr. George Okutho, Director of the ILO’s Country Office for Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique on the occasion of the first United Nations (UN) International Tea Day 2020.

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Contact: Dylan Van Tromp, Senior Project Officer, ACCEL Africa, ILO

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